18+ STORY: A Night With Him Chapter 1 – 3

This story is not for me the publisher. Its written by Zeemah

Zeemah writes
Chapter 1
Was there anything less dignified than searching for your underwear” Irene cursed under her breath.
She picked the man’s pants and gave it a little shake.
She dropped to her knees and looked under the bed.
No sign of her underwear.
She was beginning to sweat and couldn’t look up to the man seated on the bed.
He’s so different from the other guys she had spent the night with.
He gave her more than her normal pay and the sex was just too good.
Is it because he’s so good looking?
She never enjoyed having sex with different men and sometimes cry while they were at it but this is just different.
“If you’re looking for these?” Irene heard the handsome man said.
She looked up to see him dangling her panties from one finger to the other.
“Like seriously!” She bit her lower lip and shot him a glare.
She jerked it from his hand and he gave an annoying chuckle.
“He didn’t smile nor grin yesternight and now he just chuckled.
Even if he looked more cute while chuckling, to hell with him for mocking me” Irene thought as she got on her feet.
She tightened her hold on the towel around her body and started walking towards the bathroom.
“Wait” She heard the man said.
She stopped and turned to look at him.
“Take this” He said stretching what seems like a business card to her.
She walked to him but didn’t take it.
“You want me to be your personal sex partner? No!” Irene shook her head.
“Don’t think I’m doing this cause i enjoy doing it. It’s just because i don’t have a choice!” She added,tears building up in her eyes.
She always hate the fact that she cries easily.
“Hey! You should listen to what i have for you before jumping into conclusion” The man said calmly.
“I don’t want anything from you, i know you paid me more than you’re supposed to but i…” Irene was saying but stopped when she heard the man’s next word.
“I need a nanny for my daughter and i want you to apply for it” He said leaving her in three seconds shock.
A nanny?
For his daughter?
He has a child already?
Who would want a sex worker as a nanny for his daughter?
This sounds crazy!
“I..i why do you want me as your daughter’s nanny?” Irene asked not sure of the shock she’s recovering from.
Is it the shock that he already has a child or the shock of him wanting a sex worker as his daughter’s nanny.
“I just want you as my daughter’s nanny” He shrugged like it’s nothing but she know deeply that there’s something behind it.
What if he wants to harm her.
“I’m not interested!” She said sternly before walking into the bathroom.
Irene walked out of the bathroom fully dressed and was not surprised when she found the creepy man gone.
He must have figured out that she know of his plan.
“What if i had fell for it” She said shuddering at the thought..
Well..Madam Persephone would not give her to a dangerous man.
She picked her bag and hurried out of the room without looking back.
She got downstairs where the bar was situated and sighted Madam Perse from afar.
She walked towards the pretty woman who was in her early fifties, her short curly hair was dyed gold and her face was all made up,her lips shone with the red lip gloss she applied.
Her tight gown was made of leather which has tiny sparkle all over it,her shoes blinked also.
She dresses that way every single day and if you don’t know her well enough, you’ll never know she’s a fifty plus woman.
She looks far younger than her age.
Every step she took brought attention to her and everyone drinking in the bar knew she was the owner of the bar and brothel.
With her appearance,one will think she’s a stern woman but she’s so nice and down to earth.
She treats her customers right which always make her bar full to the brim.
“Irene” She smiled widely as she saw Irene approaching her.
Among her sex workers, she has a special liking for Irene,she knows Irene doesn’t like the job but she needs all the financial help she can get and that’s why she only calls for Irene when there are influential people around.
“Madam Perse” Irene said.
“Do you need a drink?” Madam Perse asked.
” So..how was it?” She asked with a little smile, knowing the lady is always unhappy after the job.
If only she has the degree to get a more decent job.
“He gave me much more than my pay” Irene said.
“I knew it! Harold Marshall is an influential man and i felt so honored to have him in my bar last night. He also gave me more than we bargained” Madam Perse laughed happily.
“Harold Marshall?” Irene thought, knowing the name ring a bell but she shrugged it off .
“But, he’s kind of creepy” Irene thought.
“No he’s not. You only think so” Madam Perse assured Irene who still wore a worried look.
“Is anything wrong? Did he do something to you?” Madam Perse asked.
“No..but,” Irene was saying but was interrupted when Madam Perse was called.
“We’ll talk over the phone honey” Madam Perse said before hurrying away.
Irene sighed and started walking out of the bar ignoring the men hungry gaze on her body.
Irene alighted from the cab in front of her house and paid the cabman.
She opened the gate and walked into the compound.
She started heading to her apartment but stopped when she saw a teenage girl walk out of her door, slamming it hard.
She knew the girl is a student in her younger brother’s school.
The girl walked past her and it was then Irene noticed the pretty girl was in tears.
“Again!” Irene thought furiously knowing her younger brother was a Playboy.
“What the hell is wrong with Damien!” Irene thought furiously and turned to comfort the girl but she already walked out of the gate.
She rubbed her forehead and bit her lips angrily before walking into the house.
“Hey sis” Damien said bending to pick his sis on the cheeks.
“Fuck off” Irene said walking to the kitchen to get a glass cup of water.
“Ouch” Damien groaned.
“Irene what was that huh?” He asked also walking to the kitchen.
Irene opened the fridge and brought out a chilled bottle of water.
“Irene!” Damien pout.
She grabbed a glass cup and poured herself some water still ignoring him.
She gulped it down her throat while Damien watched her.
He knew the job she was doing and knew she was doing it just for his sake and their stepmother’s.
Anytime she comes back looking tired, he pities her and feels pure rage for himself.
If it wasn’t for him, his sis wouldn’t engage in such job.
But she wouldn’t even allow him to work,even if it’s a part time job.
She insists on providing everything and he knows it’s not easy.
If only their parents aren’t dead.
If only their stepmother never had that accident while she was doing different jobs just to feed them.
Now everything is on Irene alone.
“Hey Dam!” Irene called.
“I thought you were ignoring me ” Damien said.
“I was until i saw you were lost in thought” Irene rolled her eyes.
“Ohh” Damien scratched his hair.
“Are you probably thinking about the girl that left here in tears?” Irene asked.
“Ohh…you mean reiya?” Damien asked.
“I don’t care what her name is. Dam! This will be the thirtieth time a girl will walk out of this apartment in tears!”
“Thirtieth? C’mon sis. You exaggerate so much. It’s not even up to twenty times. It should be the eighteenth time or so” Damien said.
“You think it’s a good thing to make a girl cry? Damien! I knew what you did to Harris when he made me cry. You almost killed him”
“Well that guy was a motherfucker” Damien said remembering the incidence which made him feel like punching Harris all over again.
“And you’re?” Irene asked.
“Okay sis, I’ll change” Damien said.
“You’re always saying that and you keep repeating the same thing”
“I also want to change! But they keep coming to me! And..i can’t resist” Damien said putting in place the strand of hair that fell on his forehead.
Irene stared at her younger brother and wished he wasn’t this good looking.
He’s right!
They keep coming to him.
Girls flock around Damien like flies,even those older than him.
His beautifully crafted face is just so perfect,he has a narrow straight nose and his huge eyes were so blue against his smooth chocolate skin,he has chiseled features and he’s tall and powerfully built for a seventeen years old high school student.
He always stood out among others.
And most of all he’s freaking intelligent, always getting a gold medal at the end of each term.
No one has been able to beat his intelligence and that brought more eyes on him.
Irene is determined he won’t drop out of school just like she did.
She made a promise to herself to make sure Damien completes his education and get his degree.
She loves her younger brother so much.
“Dam! You’re still young for all these” Irene said .
“I’m seventeen!”
“But still an high school student and you clocked seventeen two days ago”
“That doesn’t make me less seventeen. I’m seventeen Irene.”
“Whatever! Where’s mum?” Irene asked.
“She’s taking a nap”
“Okay” Irene picked her bag on the kitchen counter and also the half bottle of water before walking out of the kitchen.
“C’mon sis, are you pissed?” Damien called after her.
“Of course” Irene answered.
“Okay, i promise to change” Damien said.
“I’ve heard that more than a hundred times”
“I will this time. I promise”
“Whatever” Irene said opening the door to her room.
“I got you some chocolate chip cookies” Damien said.
“Really?” Irene asked.
“Yeah” Damien smiled knowing how much his sister likes them.
“Okay, I’m not pissed with you any longer, come into my room when you’re done putting the glass cup in place”
Irene walked into her room and dropped her bag on the bed before searching her drawer for contraceptive.
She took two pills and gulped it down with water.
“Don’t think you can keep making girls cry and then bribe me with chocolate chip cookies so i won’t reprimand you ” Irene said with her mouth full of the cookies.
Damien laughed.
“Irene no one can can bribe you into doing what you don’t want to. I know you that well”
“Good for you” Irene said still chewing her cookies with delight.
“So what did you got for me?” Damien said searching her bag.
“I wasn’t really in my right frame of mind when coming home” Irene said.
“Why? And what’s this? Who owns this?” Damien asked making Irene turn to him.
“What’s that?” She asked not clearly seeing what’s in his hand.
“It’s a card, i found it in your bag” Damien said.
“Card? Wait…you mean card?” Irene eyes widened as she grabbed the card from him.
That creepy man slipped the card in her bag.
What the hell!
Now he seems more creepy.
“What’s wrong?” Damien asked..
“T..his creepy man just asked me to be his daughter’s nanny out of the blue” Irene said reading the information on the card.
Just his name and contact with email address.
” A nanny? Who is he? I don’t really understand”
“Well…i spent the night with him”
“Ohh but being a nanny is more decent than…”
“I know” Irene interrupted him.
“So why don’t you opt for it or is the pay little?”
“No but who would want a..who would want me as their daughter’s nanny?”
“Is that why you said he’s creepy?”
“Well..yes and slipping the card in my bag when i clearly rejected his offer made him more creepy”
“You should gather information first about whomever you want to be spending the night with. What’s his name”
“It’s here, didn’t you see it?” Irene said stretching the card back to Damien.
“You grabbed the card from me before i could comprehend what’s on it.” Damien said taking the card from Irene.
“Harold Marshall!!” He suddenly screamed, startling Irene who immediately got on her feet.
“Is he a serial killer?” She asked starting to tremble in fear while Damien started laughing hard.
“This guy is a billionaire and a great philanthropist. He’s my role model.” Damien finally said after much laughter.
“What!” Irene exclaimed .
“Yes, don’t you know him?” Damien asked.
“I also thought the name rang a bell” Irene said, breathing out in relief.
She sat back on the bed.
“Like, he’s the one you spent the night with?”
“Yes ”
“Wow! You’re so lucky nowadays. Didn’t you spent the night with Ethan Weston two days ago?” Damien asked.
Ethan Weston is another billionaire but she knew him immediately she saw him cause he’s always on the papers flaunting his money and doing things that attract attention.
Almost everyone knows Ethan Weston.
He had treated her like a mere sex worker.
Well… isn’t that was she is?
But Harold Marshall had treated her so differently.
“Harold Marshall asked you to be his daughter’s nanny and you refused. Well..I’m sure you don’t know him well enough. Where’s your laptop?”
“On the drawer” Irene said.
NAME~~Harold Marshall…
CITY~~San Francisco.
AGE~~ 29.
PARENTS~~Harold, Caroline.
~~Harold, Travis (retired business mogul)
DEGREE~~Bachelor of science in finance accounting, Washington University.
JOB~~CEO in all Marshall companies.
HOBBIES~~Working, reading beside the fireplace.
“Ohh..he’s divorced and that’s why he wants a nanny for his daughter” Irene said aloud staring at the hot pics of Harold beneath the personal information.
He’s incredibly dashing.
“Of course,so i guess you’ll consider his offer. You’re really lucky Irene. So many people are looking for this opportunity” Damien said.
” And that’s exactly why I’ll turn down the offer. He’s a billionaire who can get whatever he wants, he can get the best nanny in the country yet he chose me. A sex worker? Why? Don’t you think there’s a motive behind it”
“He just wants to help you Irene”
“Help me? He already helped me by paying thrice my normal pay”
“C’mon Irene just go for it”
“I’ll not! Now go thrash the card” Irene said putting off her laptop.
“No further argument!” Irene half yelled.
“Okay” Damien said slowly before walking out of the room with the card in his hand.
Irene pulled the blanket over her body and sighed.
____Next morning ____
It’s a Saturday!
Irene and Damien move about the house cleaning and washing after serving their stepmother breakfast.
Irene cleaned the living room while Damien cleaned the kitchen.
The doorbell rang twice and Irene quickly walked to the door to get it, thinking it was one of their neighbors.
She opened the door and was a bit surprised to see two huge men putting on a well tailored suit with black eye glass.
They looked scary.
“Good morning” Their thick voices echoed.
Irene shifted back a bit.
“Wrong address” She said about closing the door.
“Are you Miss Irene Noris?” One of the guys asked.
“Y..yes” She replied.
“Okay, are you ready to leave now?”
“Leave? To where” Irene asked puzzled.
“Mr Harold Marshall’s building, you called yesterday to accept the job offer and said you’ll be ready before 10am in the morning. This is 10:01am already” one of the guys said and the second guy also spoke up before Irene could comprehend what the first guy had said.
” And you gave Mr Harold your home address”
“What the hell are you saying? I never called! I never said I’ll be ready before any freaking 10am in the morning! I never gave Mr Harold my home address! I never did any of that, i even thrashed the ca…” Irene was yelling when she realised she didn’t thrash the card herself.
Could Damien…
“Damien!!!” She yelled so loud that her throat hurt before rushing back into the house.


Zeemah writes
Chapter 2
NAME~~Irene Noris.
ADDRESS~~Apartment 102 Cobitthan building, San Francisco.
PARENTS~~Noris Elizabeth- Fashion designer for Daire fashions.
~~Noris Natalie- Owner of of Daire fashions.
DEGREE ~~(None)
JOB~~Model for Daire fashions.
HOBBIES~~Cooking, reading and sewing.
Harold Marshall sigh softly after reading Irene’s information.
He couldn’t believe he’s just reading her information now, something he should have done before even suggesting the nanny job to her.
“I’m such a bad father” Harold said aloud and sipped his favorite wine.
The reason he wanted her to apply as his daughter’s nanny is well known to him.
Or who would want a sex worker for a nanny without having a solid reason.
The lady seems calm, beautiful and most of all natural.
She hadn’t applied make up yet she looked stunning.
He knew the reason she was doing such work and he’s prepared to help her.
He should have just given her money to solve her life issues but she had even wanted to return the extra pay on the money if he hadn’t insisted and he knew if he give her a huge amount of money,she’s definitely gonna reject it.
He should have offered her a job in one of his companies but she doesn’t have a degree and he doesn’t know why he wants to keep seeing her everyday.
He wondered why she called him back to accept his offer after clearly rejecting. She didn’t even sound pissed knowing he slipped the card in her bag.
“Dad can i come in?” Harold heard his little angel asked.
He smiled broadly.
“Come in princess” He said and his beautiful eight year old daughter jumped in.
He laughed as she rushed to hug him.
He gently held her little frame against his huge body, pecked her all over the face and finally her hair.
“I miss you” She giggled dropping the leftover strawberry cake she had for breakfast in her father’s mouth.
“Yummy” Harold smiled.
“You miss me? But i was with you yesternight” He said to his daughter who was now seated on his bed.
“But you weren’t with me the night before. I kept asking you where you went to and you kept ignoring my question” She said pouting her little lips.
“C’mon Ivory. I told you i went for a business meeting and it was too late to drive home. I ended up spending the night in the hotel”
“I don’t believe you” Ivory furrowed her brows.
“Is it obvious that i just told a lie?” Harold asked.
“Of course but it’s fine, i know you’ll tell me what happened when you’re ready to” Ivory said, knowing her father deeply.
Harold smiled proudly at his little gem.
So smart and beautiful,she has her mother’s smooth brown hair while she took his golden eyes and his caramel skin tone.
She’s all he’s got.
She has been his joy since she was a day old.
He had fought so hard for her custody when Cathy divorced him and his greatest joy in life is that he won the custody of his daughter.
“Dad, i told you severally not to consume wine before breakfast. It’s not healthy” Ivory said.
“Okay,I’ll call Nora to take it away now” Harold said.
“But you already drank half of it” Ivory said,a little pissed.
“I’m sorry, i won’t take wine before breakfast anymore” Harold said.
“Okay Harold Marshall” She said and they both laughed.
She calls his full name when she wants them to laugh.
“Ivory i have great news” He said and she quickly sat up on the bed.
Harold chuckled.
“I got a new nanny for you and she should be on her way here now” Harold announced.
“Yaaaaay” she jumped excitedly,her ponytail bouncing .
Harold smiled seeing his daughter so happy.
She had wanted a new nanny since he fired the last one.
She loves having people around her, people to care for her.
“But i hope she’s nothing like Betty” Ivory said worriedly.
Betty had been her a very mean nanny to her and Harold had fired her and sued her immediately he found out.
“Hell no! You’ll see for yourself when she gets here”
“Really?” Ivory beamed.
He doesn’t know why he trust the lady, he doesn’t even know her well enough.
Well… he’ll still need to monitor her around his daughter for some days.
“I can’t wait. Thanks Dad” She said happily, engulfing her dad in another hug.
He smiled and kissed her hair.
“But dad you’ve not had breakfast” She said.
“Yeah, I’m still busy h…”
“No! Come with me to the dining”
“I’m not ready to eat now Ivory” Harold said.
“Please Dad” Ivory said knowing her father’s Breakfast might turn lunch.
He can stay in his room all day without eating but just sipping wine and working on his laptop..
“Breakfast,lunch and dinner is very essential to the body and one shouldn’t miss any” Ivory persisted holding her Father’s hand.
Harold not able to hurt his daughter’s feelings nodded approvingly.
“Okay let’s go” He said switching off his laptop.
“How about a piggy back ride to the dining?” Harold suggested knowing his daughter can’t trade that for anything.
“Yaaaaay” Ivory laughed excitedly before jumping on her father’s back.
“Damien!!!” Irene yelled so loud that her throat hurt before rushing back into the house.
Damien having sensed what was going on walked out of the kitchen wiping his hands off a napkin.
He knew what he did and he knew his sis will be so pissed but he just had to do it. He does not want her to continue that dirty job.
“What the hell did you do to the card i told you to thrash?” Irene asked furiously.
“Speak up!” She yelled,her anger growing furiously.
“Okay, i called Mr Harold Marshall in your voice and..and told him i already accept the job offer and will like to resume today and i also gave him.. our home address”.
“Y..you did what?” Irene asked dimming her eyes.
Something she does whenever she’s so angry.
“Look Irene, I’m sorry” Damien said.
“Why did you do that, you knew i did not want to accept that job offer. Why the hell did you go against my wish ?”
“I just had to do it. I’m sorry”
“There’s nothing to be sorry for! You called the man to accept the job offer right? then go ahead and do it!” Irene scoffed, about to walk away but Damien pulled her back.
“Irene I’m sorry but i don’t want you doing that job any longer. You don’t know how hurt and guilty i feel seeing you come back looking all tired and used, i always feel angry at myself cause i know you’re doing it for me. Irene it’s time you stopped. Go for a more decent job please or you’ll keep hurting me and making me feel guilty. Please,stop making me think about mum or dad cause i know if they were alive…” Damien who rarely cry had unshed tears in his eyes.
“I’m sorry” Irene who was blowing hot minutes ago said calmly.
She was starting to sniff back tears too.
She hates seeing her brother cry and knowing she caused it hurt her so much.
“Don’t cry okay? I stopped already” Damien said knowing how emotional his sister is.
She nods.
“But you shouldn’t have gone behind me and do what i clearly don’t want” Irene said.
“I’m sorry, i just wanted something better for you. You deserve something far better than what you’re doing.” Damien said tucking his sister’s long black hair behind her ears.
“But wh..what if he has another motive, who would want a sex worker for his daughter nanny?” Irene said.
“No, he has no other motive than to help you and even if he does, i have a smart sister and she’ll figure it out in no time” Damien smiled.
Irene sighed and pressed her lips together.
“He would have told his daughter of a new nanny and i know you won’t want to hurt and disappoint the little girl” Damien said hoping that’ll make Irene reconsider and it did!
She’s a lover of kids and she so much hate hurting or disappointing little kids.
“Okay” She finally said after a long silence.
“Okay what?” Damien asked,his stomach starting to dance in excitement.
“I’ll go for the nanny job” Irene said rolling her eyes.
“Oh my God! Really?” Damien asked.
“Yeah turtle” Irene said and Damien laughed.
“I love you sis” He said almost sweeping her off her feet with his tight hug.
Irene laughed and pushed him away playfully.
“But what of mum?” Irene asked worriedly.
“Don’t worry about mum, I’ll take care of her. Now let’s go get you dressed,you’ve wasted those guys time enough” Damien said pulling his sis to her room.
“I already picked out an official outfit while you were sleeping yesternight”
“What!” Irene exclaimed while Damien laughed.
Irene and Damien walked out of Irene’s room after she’s fully dressed.
She’s putting on a black and gold patterned skirt with a striking pattern and a plaid shirt.
She wore minimal black sandals and carried a plain black handbag.
Her black hair was pulled in a messy bun with tendrils framing her face.
She wore no make up but still looked great.
They are in need of financial help but not definitely in need of wears.
Their parents were great fashion designers and the children had beautiful clothes that’d make people doubt if they are really poor.
“You mean you had to make your voice so tiny while you were talking to Harold Marshall” Irene said still laughing.
“Yes and he didn’t even suspect a thing, though it was so hard and i was almost close to talking with my real voice when i quickly gave him our home address and disconnected the call. My throat itched throughout the night” Damien faked a frown and Irene laughed hard.
“We’re so sorry for keeping you guys waiting” Damien said to the guys when they got to the door.
They both nodded without saying a word.
“Do you think it’s safe to go with them?” Irene whispered to Damien.
“Of course” He whispered back.
“I’ll copy their car plate number so don’t worry okay?” He assured her.
“Okay” Irene said pecking her brother on both cheeks, he hugged her before the men led her to the car.
Even when her parents were alive,she never drove in this type of car.
The outer part is so cool that she longed to see the inner part.
“Oh..my! It’s a Porsche” Irene realised.
One of the guys open the car door for her and she smiled secretly feeling like a queen.
Damien laughed, watching her from the window.
He knew how his sister was feeling at the moment.
He’s glad she finally accepted this better offer.
She’s gonna get more pay and the job is far decent.
She won’t come back looking tired again, she’ll also be happy.
Damien smiled and got up when the car drove off.
He walked to the kitchen to complete his chores, totally forgetting about the car plate number.
The car had felt like heaven to Irene and she was almost dozing off when they arrived at Harold Marshall mansion.
The car came to a halt inside the compound and the guys alighted to open the car door for Irene.
“What’s with the special treatment?” She thought as she stepped down from the Porsche.
She raised up her head to take a full look at the building and her mouth was left hanging.
The house blinked of riches,the structure alone made her swallow hard.
The tall building stood proud, beautiful and erected .
The perfectly made structures looked beautiful and most of all was the cool gold colour used to paint the whole house.
Once you take a glance at the house, you’ll know the owner is swims in wealth.
“Miss Irene Noris,can you please come with me” One of the guys said to Irene who felt embarrassed they had caught her admiring and gaping at the building.
“Okay” She said slowly and started walking behind him.
She counted the body guards outside and they were up to fifteen.
Irene was seated on the couch taking in the lush appearance of the living room.
The inner part of the house smelled more riches.
It’s more beautiful than the outer part.
The shiny furnitures are beautifully arranged and the settings is just too great.
The whole living room is far bigger than her entire compound.
She watched the workers move about the house and wondered how many people works in the house.
She stared at the untouched drink in front of her.
She’s too nervous to take anything right now.
“Why aren’t you taking your drink?” She heard behind her and her nervousness rose knowing she can’t mistake that cool voice for anyone else.
She didn’t turn but stood on her feet.
Harold stood in front of her and it was then their eyes met.
He looked so cool and comfortable in his white t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans.
His hair was rich and full in black curls and the tip glinted like gold.
His golden eyes which was heavily fringed with black lashes stood out proudly against his smooth caramel skin and his nose and mouth just looks perfect.
Other than the faint scar on his jaw,his skin was unmarred.
His perfectly built body is very obvious and Irene couldn’t help but admire the perfection of his looks.
She wondered why he had to look more handsome now and less creepy.
“Good morning” Harold spoke up wondering how many minutes they had wasted in staring at each other.
He’s impressed by her appearance, looks like she’s really ready to work.
He loves it when a lady still look attractive even when she goes all natural.
She’s of average height, honey-skinned with satiny black hair and her eyes the color of liquid honey peered into his.
“Good morning Mr Harold Marshall” Irene bowed a little in respect.
“Please do not bow to me. I’m not your god” He said.
“Huh?” Irene asked in complete surprise.
“Yeah” Harold said.
“Ohh.. okay” Irene said biting her inner lip in nervousness.
Harold dismissed the workers in the living room and then turned to Irene.
“I’m sorry to have slipped my card into your bag” Harold said.
“Why did you do that when i clearly rejected your offer” Irene asked.
“But you accepted the offer already” Harold shrugged.
“I didn’t! Damien freaking did” Irene thought furiously.
“Yes i did but you’ve not answered my question” Irene said.
“I did that cause i want to help you”
“Why do you want to help me and do i look like i need help?” Irene asked determined to make the man know she’s not an easy bait.
“Do you probably think I’m a dangerous person?” Harold asked.
“Maybe” Irene shrugged.
“Then why did you accept to work for me?” He asked.
“I didn’t!” Irene screamed in her inner mind.
“And i hope you don’t have the plan to have sex with me, that would never happen again! I’m here to work only as your daughter’s nanny and nothing else” Irene said clearly.
“Hey! Excuse me,i didn’t had sex for five good years and the only reason i crossed your path last two night was because the urge got irresistible. I’m not a sex monger! I’m only focused on helping you and if you don’t appreciate my help or you think i have any other bad motive you can kindly leave.” Harold said, the lady is starting to get on his nerves.
“Now i finally know where you were two nights ago but that’s not a problem. Hello Miss Irene Noris, I’m Ivory and i guess you’re my nanny” Ivory said,climbing down from the stairs with her glossy brown hair bouncing and Irene could swear she fell in love with the girl immediately.

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Zeemah writes
Chapter 3.
“Now i finally know where you were two nights ago but that’s not a problem. Hello Miss Irene Noris, I’m Ivory and i guess you’re my nanny” Ivory said,climbing down from the stairs with her glossy brown hair bouncing and Irene could swear she fell in love with the girl immediately.
“Yes I’m your nanny” Irene smiled at the little girl.
She’s naturally in love with kids..
But what Harold just said sound unbelievable to her ears.
“He has been celibate for five years!
Has he been divorced with ivory’s mother for so long?
He and his daughter must have had a hard time” Irene thought pitifully.
She’s beginning to think the man has no ulterior motive but again,who just select a whore as his daughter’s nanny and he’s not just any man.
A billionaire!
Billionaires always want the best for their families and she’s nowhere near the best and he knows that.
She doesn’t even have the experience.
“You almost got on my dad’s nerves” Ivory said, interrupting Irene’s thoughts.
“Hu..h?” Irene raised a brow up and glanced at Harold whose expression was unreadable.
“Please try not to get on his nerves, you won’t find it funny when he get totally angry” Ivory said.
“Ohh.. okay” Irene said,amazed at the little girl’s smartness.
“So, I’m Ivory Marshall and you are?” Ivory said, making an attempt at introduction.
She always sees her father do that whenever she goes with him to his companies.
Harold smiled knowingly at his daughter who winked back at him.
Irene who watched the exchange admired the daughter and father’s bond.
She remembered the days she was also very close to father, they would stay together all night thinking of new designs,most times she’d sleep off without completing her designs and her father would complete it and show it to her the next morning.
Some days, they’ll both laugh over her ugly drawings.
Irene put an end to the memories knowing how emotional she could be.
She breathed in and finally replied Ivory.
“I’m Irene Noris, your new nanny”
“You look beautiful and…natural” Ivory said.
“Thank you. You look beautiful too” Irene smiled.
“But i hope you’re nothing like Betty” Ivory said worriedly.
“Betty?” Irene asked, confused.
“I’ll fill you in on that later” Harold said.
“Ohh..okay” Irene said, wondering who Betty could be and why the little girl could wear such worried look while mentioning her name.
“Ivory,you can return to the library” Harold said.
“With Irene right?” Ivory asked expectantly.
“No. She’s to resume tomorrow” Harold said.
“Huh?” Irene and Ivory chorused coincidentally.
“Yeah” Harold nodded.
“But why?” Ivory pouted.
“Ivory, you know she has to go through your rules booklet” Harold said.
“Ohh” Ivory sighed.
” But she can do that now” Ivory persisted.
“No and I’ve not even discussed with her yet” Harold said.
“You’ve not discussed with her yet? How come she’s here as my new nanny?” Ivory asked.
“I mean I’ve not discussed the pay with her yet” Harold said.
“Ohh” Ivory said, slowly retreating to the stairs .
“Bye Irene and i hope you don’t back off after reading my rules booklet” Ivory said before disappearing up the stairs, leaving Irene to wonder.
Harold cleared his throat noticing Irene’s confused state.
“What does she mean?” Irene asked.
“Come with me” He said and noticed her hesitation .
“I’m not going to kill you” He added, a little pissed.
“I never said that” Irene said.
Harold didn’t respond,he walked on leaving her to follow him or not.
He’s so pissed that she doesn’t even have an iota of trust for him.
Maybe he shouldn’t have stretched out a helping hand to her but he can’t just leave her after knowing such a thing!
He turned to see if she’s following him and Irene who was staring at his broad back quickly switched her gaze to her feet.
Harold finally led her to the garden where they could have a peaceful discussion without interruption.
Irene stood really amazed.
Every part of the house looks like it’s made of gold.
How can a garden be this beautiful?
“Oh..my… Are those beautiful butterflies real” Irene thought.
She was still taking in the splendor of the garden when Harold pointed to the iron bench.
“Sit” He said and she did.
“You have a beautiful garden” Irene said.
“Thanks” Harold said.
This is his personal place,he enjoys the serene.
“Ivory has her rules booklet, you’ll receive it before you leave”
“Ohh…what then did she mean by…” Irene was saying.
“Ivory rules are kind of … Well, you’ll know after you go through her booklet. Most applicant find her rules too difficult to follow so they quit before they even start” Harold said.
“She made the rules herself?” Irene asked.
“Of course and it’s a must follow and that’s why i want you to go through it before you resume”
“Ohh okay, so who’s Betty?” Irene asked.
“Ivory’s nanny. I fired her recently”
“I never knew she was so mean to my daughter, she acts all nice and pleasant whenever I’m around. I never knew she was a snake. She made Ivory cry so many times” Harold explained,still pained by the incidence.
“Really!” Irene exclaimed.
“Yeah but i already put her behind bars. She even hit Ivory once and threatened to do more if she ever tell me”
“Oh..my! Who would do that to a little girl, she deserves more than that” Irene said, frowning.
“It’s my fault for not been observant, i was always busy with work and all. If i hadn’t caught her yelling at Ivory that night,then my daughter will still be in that devil’s hands” Harold said.
“But Ivory seems smart, she should have told you when it all started”
“Betty threatened to take her father far away from her if she ever voice out and Ivory can’t do away without me,even for a week. I take her with me on business trips most time.
“Wow” Irene said aloud.
“But why did you choose me to be your daughter’s nanny after the Betty’s incidence,you should have gone for someone you could trust with your daughter.”
“I feel i can trust you with Ivory”
“Why? You don’t even know me! What if i turn out to be like Betty” Irene said.
“I know you can’t. I trust you that much” Harold said still impressed with the smile that had lit up her face when she saw Ivory.
“You shouldn’t trust someone you don’t know at all” Irene said.
“Let’s leave that aside and discuss your pay”
“There’s an official payment for nannies” Harold said.
“You’ll be paid one million weekly which amounts to thirty million monthly” Harold said.
He had lied, that’s not the official payment for nannies, he does not pay them as much as that.
But he knows the money will go a long way in Irene’s life.
Irene who looked dumbfounded for a moment finally spoke up.
“What!” She screamed.
“What?” Harold asked, he had expected that expression.
“Is it little?” He teased.
“That’s way too much” Irene said,still surprised.
“Thirty million monthly!
For a nanny?
That’s half of her stepmum’s surgery money!” Irene’s inner mind screamed.
“Is that really the amount you pay?” Irene asked.
“Yes and it’s fixed, it can’t be changed” Harold said.
“How do you… never mind” Irene said.
She had wanted to ask how he copes with the payment forgetting he’s a billionaire and a philanthropist.
“I think that’ll be the end of our conversation. You’re to resume tomorrow” Harold said and Irene nodded.
“You’ll be given the rules booklet once you get to the living room” Harold added, getting on his feet.
Irene wasted no time in standing up too.
“I guess you can find your way back to the living room” Harold said.
“Of course” Irene said.
“Okay bye” Harold said walking far into the garden.
Irene shrugged and started walking back in the same direction Harold led her in.
She gazed admiringly at the garden once more before finally leaving.
Her mind was so occupied that she didn’t even knew when she go to the edge of a passageway.
There were two doors and she stood wondering which was the door to the living room.
“Irene you deserve some heavy whip!” She said biting her owe lip.
She had been staring at his broad back all the way to the garden and now she’s lost in the middle of two doors .
How could she not even know which door.
Is she that dumb?
Or distracted.
She sighed and made to turn the knob of the door on her left.
“That’s the door to my room” Harold suddenly said, startling the hell out of Irene.
She breathed in and out before turning to face him.
“You said you knew the way back to the living room” Harold said.
“Well..it got confusing” Irene said, embarrassed.
How long has he been behind her?
He must have been entertained by her stupidity” Irene thought, almost cursing at herself.
“You can use the door on your right ” Harold said and walked into his room.
“Thank you” Irene murmured and hoped he heard through the thick door.
“Thirty million?” Damien asked in disbelief.
“Yes,i was shocked”
“Oh..my..God! That’s half of mum’s surgery bill” Damien blinked rapidly.
“Yes!” Irene exclaimed in smiles.
“Why didn’t you start immediately” Damien said and Irene laughed.
“I wanted to but im to resume after going through the little girl’s rules booklet”
“Rules booklet?” Damien asked..
“Yeah, it’s right here in my bag” Irene said searching her bag.
She brought out the little book.
“The girl made the rules herself?” Damien asked.
“Of course and the little girl said she wish i won’t back off after reading her rules booklet”
“Really? Are her rules that hard to keep?” Damien wondered aloud.
“Everyone has rules but you know rich kids rules are far different, they set their rules with some kind of level, but i know i won’t find the rules difficult” Irene said.
“Does she appear like a spoilt girl?” Damien asked.
“Not at all, She’s so smart and a bit of a talkative, i really like her” Irene smiled.
“You like all kids” Damien stated.
“Yes” Irene said.
“There were more of those guys that came to pick me in the morning?”
“Really?” Damien laughed.
“Yeah, the workers in the house are quite much but the mansion is wide enough to accommodate hundreds of people.
The living room alone is wider than our entire compound” Irene said, chewing on the cheese she got on the way.
“Wow!” Damien said interestingly.
“I hope the man was nice to you?” He asked.
“Yes he was and i think he’s less creepy today” Irene said and they both laughed.
“Is his behavior different from other billionares?” Damien asked, raising a brow up.
“Totally! He’s humble. Can you believe he told me not to bow to him. Something most wealthy people want”
“I knew i didn’t made a bad choice in choosing that man as my role model. I admire everything about him and the fact that he’s a philanthropist made me admire him more.” Damien said.
“But you never told me about him” Irene said.
“Really? I do mention him,to mum though” Damien said.
“Ohh” Irene said, slapping his hand off her cheese.
“Sis!” Damien whined.
“Bro!” Irene mimicked.
“Fine! No one should expect chocolate chip cookies in this house anymore” Damien said.
“Aaarrgh..you know how much i like that cookies and you decided to use it against me huh?” Irene asked and Damien shrugged.
“You can have it” She said slapping the cheese against his ear.
“Ouch!” Damien pouted.
“I need to go check on mum” Irene stood up, sliding her feet into her flip flops.
Damien nodded, busy with the cheese.
Irene shook her head and muttered ‘food monger’ under her breath before heading to her stepmum’s room.
Her stepmother was very different from others.
The woman had broken her legs while trying to get them what to eat.
She acts exactly like their mother, she never for once maltreated them.
Their mother had died long ago before their father and Irene and Damien had forced their father to remarry, they needed a mother in their lives and their father hadn’t made a bad choice.
They loved her from the beginning, till now.
She cared for them so much and would sacrifice anything for them.
Most people mistake her for their biological mum.
“Damien, take my bag to my room okay?” Irene said loudly before opening the door to her stepmum’s room.
She walked in and met the woman seated on her wheelchair, knitting.
Thats actually what she loves doing most.
“Mum” Irene smiled pecking her on both cheeks.
“Rene” Mrs Neave smiled.
“How are you? Have you eaten?” Irene asked.
“Yes, i have.”
“Mum,there’s something i want to tell you” Irene said, sitting on the bed.
“Rene..” Mrs Neave paused. “Damien told me everything already” She said.
“Yes and I’m okay with whatever decision you take.” Mrs Neave said.
“Thanks mum. I love you” Irene hugged her.
“Look, I’m making a new sweater for you” Mrs Neave said, she had wanted to make it a surprise but it slipped out of her mouth.
“Yaaaaay” Irene squealed excitedly like a little kid.
“You mean Harold is about to employ a slut as my daughter’s nanny” Carrle shouted, pacing her living room.
“Yes” Her husband confirmed.
He just received the information from their spy, who’s one of Harold’s bodyguards but secretly works for them.
“Get me my car key!!!” Carrle screamed.

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