You came across me
In a cloud of smoke
Yet you flowed
Like water
You were so calm
Like the cool breeze
Your real identity
I couldn’t see
Like a chameleon
For a minute
You love me
The next time
You are so cold

You melted me
And shaped me
Into a better man
I guess it is part
Of your powerful
I don’t know your identity
But I love you
You are a complete mystery
Loving you seems wrong
But it feels so right
You are aether
You shine bright
Like a diamond
But you are dark
Like the night

You are mystical
You change like the weather
You fit every where
Powerful beyond measures
Behind that smiling face
Is a raging anger
That burns within
Like fire
I can never hate you
Because of your nature
And even the things
You do
Make me do so
Maybe it is my fate
You have no feelings
But you have conscience
Beauty of the earth
Beautiful everywhere
Still like the stillwaters
Swift like the wind
Raging like the blazing fire
Unstoppable like the raging waters
Immeasurable like the earth
You can make bad
Out of the worse
Out of the good
You make best

Oh aether powerful aether
I am at your feet
And I am never
Letting go
You hurt me sometimes
But I feel no pain
You give me everything
But I have nothing
All I want is you
You are powerful
But you need help
Let me help you
Yes! I will help you
Even if it is
Your own
I will gladly
Take that risk
Because power is
If not under good

You are good
But some times
I will bring out
The best in you
That is if only
You will allow me

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