African Movie Review : Citation (staring Joke Silva, Temi Otedola, Adjetey Anang, Gabriel Afolayan)

Citation is a 2020 African movie. In a time where movies are losing their value, Nigeria brightens Africa with this top notch piece.

A story about a young female Nigerian University student (Masters level) whose kindness and innocence leads her to face sexual harassment from her lecturer/course supervisor. She has to defend herself and her future but how?


Temi Otedola, Joke Silva, Jimmy Jean-Louis, Sadiq Daba, Gabriel Afolayan, Ini Edo, Adjetey Anang, Yomi Fash Lan so


Female empowerment, Equality for all


The movie’s start up scene was dope. That first part gives the viewer a higher interest at the same time puts you in suspense to know what will happen next.

The part where Moremi (Temi Otedola) was at the library and someone threw a crumbled paper on her table. Who was it from and how did it add up to the story or I didn’t understand that part well?

So I thought at the end, our darling Ghanaian man Mr Kwesi (Adjetey Anang) will finally get Ms Gloria but this “I don’t care” madam no dey give Kwesi face.

Then again, Gloria’s testimony as a witness, was she bribed by the lecturer Prof N’Dyare or she did that because she liked him?

The climax of the settles at the final day in the panel room. Just before the verdict, even me that I was just watching, my heart was pounding how much more the professor and the student?

Come to think of it, could the small boy, Samba be the son of ND’yare?

All the actors and actresses performed excellently and I must say this is the best movie from the whole Africa in 2020 when it comes to production, acting and of course the locations. With such performance coming from Temi, you will wonder if this really is her first movie.

Last thing, I’m sure Moremi will understand when Koyejo (Gabriel Afolayan) said it might come in handy when he was teaching her some karate moves.

It’s worth watching. Aside the beauty of the film, it hits on fairness and justice. Could this movie be inspired by the recent BBC exposé on Sex for Grades?

I rate this movie 98%

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