Emphasizing on this anthology of inspiration

I see lots of plunging tales
Scrubbed ashore these thundering ebbs
Emblems of these tales
Reminisces me back to yesteryears
When February was an embodiment of affection
Sentiments thrown away at the monopolies
Of these glamorous coasts which was once crowded in gold

Now, we have evolved to jailbirds in the pride of our families
Braced by detailed aliens
We have stood with all our existences
We can’t straight dialogue to each other with poking rims
Every unit of a home is now a time bomb
Ready to hit at the switch of a cough or a sneeze
Homes are living detached due to self-isolation
The streets are naked because there are no species to fill in
Almost every spot in the world is vast of ghosts
But Earth is a place for flesh and blood
Some say we are vying to on our numbered days
But all our dwells, the days are numbered
If this is how we are going to leave
Then why did we come at all in the first place

A Poem written by;

S Kojo Frimpong

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