Black Sherif has blurted a Nigerian Twitter user, who alleged Davido has been pressuring him to be starred in the remix of Kwaku The Traveller.

The tweep had fabricated an Instagram story that purported to be a “reply” from Black Sherif to the Nigeria music star, Davido.

Upon catching sight of the post on Twitter, Black Sherif replied that “this is soo fake brudda, why will you do this?”

Starboy Ali, the account that made the claim, later referred to Black Sherif’s tweet with the most famous line in ‘Kwaku The Traveller.’ “Of course, I fucked up. Who never fucked up hands in the air”

The song, after scarcely a week of its release, became known around the world – overseeing or among not just the top songs in many African countries but globally. The song is now the most sought-after music on Shazam, an application that can recognize songs based on a short sample played and using the microphone on the device.

On Thursday, April 7, the 20-year-old disclosed in an interview with Pulse Ghana that, he tattooed the title of the popular song, ‘Kwaku The Traveller’ on the back of his wrist about a month before the song was released.

“I got this like a month ago before the release,” he noted.

Black Sherif released ‘Kwaku the Traveller’ on Wednesday, March 30. In a matter of days, the song had become a chant. The song elements his mistakes and accomplishments and the persistent spirit that powers endurance as he toiled to climb up in the music industry

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