Five (5) Sensitive Parts Of Women That They Want You To Touch

Women sometimes have different ways of conveying messages but they sometimes don’t even show at all.

Quickly let’s get to some parts of ladies that they actually want you to touch but they won’t tell you.

1. Their Face:

Their face is a very sensitive part of their body. That is why they apply makeups most times to cover up pimples or other infections and usually ask why you keep starring at them.

2. The Hair:

A woman’s hair is one of the most sensitive parts of a woman. Never touch a woman’s hair if you are not in love with her.

3. The Neck:

Women’s necks are very sensitive too. If you really love your partner and want to satisfy her, start from the neck.

4. The Ears:

During lovemaking, a woman’s ear is what excites them the most. touching, licking, and kissing them is a good way to go

5. The Ass:

Women actually love it when you touch the ass but they will act as if they don’t. Keep hitting that ass but not too hard. Especially when she is cooking. Women really love this.

Try these steps and thank me later. What do you also think?

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