Ghana Movie Review – Keteke


A movie written and directed by Peter Sedufia. (Comedy, drama)


Adjetey Anang

Lydia Forson

Fred Amugi

Clemento Suarez

Jeneral Ntatia



A couple travels from their little village to another town in other to give birth. The only means of transport us by train locally known as Keteke.

The Keteke comes once a while and unfortunately, the pregnant woman (Lydia Forson) whose time is almost due, and her husband (Adjetey Anang), miss the train but Atwei has to deliver at all cost



There is not much to say about this movie. All the characters used delivered so well.

The point where Fred Amugi wanted to chase the couple and a line of fire stopped him, where from that fire? Does it mean the couple Adjetey and Lydia had some form of protection?

Again, when Fred Amugi touched the stomach and listened to the baby and refered to Lydia as my lady…..damn that was a twist. I loved the sound there. We finally realize Fred Amugi eats babies but seriously no scene showed Fred Amugi had some special powers or anything of that sort.

Do trains return to their starting points without passengers?

Wait I almost believed Lydia was dead when she was on the ground motionless.

Overall, I’ll rate this movie 75% cos it looked stretched and boring at some point.

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