Haruna Iddrisu Exposed Over Caretaker Ministers Comment

Politician , lawyer and current leader of the minority of parliament is in hot waters over the comments he made on the president’s view of appointing caretaker ministers

President Akufo Addo’s view of appointing caretaker ministers has been met with disagreement by the minority side of parliament.
Haruna Iddrisu,currently the Minority Leader in Ghana’s Parliament in an interview said ““Until they(individuals) are nominated,go through vetting, secure approval of Parliament, they cannot hold themselves as Ministers. So as far as we are concerned, there is nothing like Acting Minister and the Supreme Court does not recognize such a position”

In a document signed by the former President of the Ghana, John Dramani Mahama ,Hon. Haruna Iddrisu was appointed by then President John Dramani Mahama in 2013 as caretaker minister for communication until a substantive minister was appointed. Haruna Iddrisu, lawyer and politician aaccepted the role.

The New Patriotic Party believe that if appointing caretaker ministers of a illegal as the the National Democratic Congress says, then former President John Dramani Mahama committed an illegal act while acting as president of Ghana.


Story by Biggsnews @ Sefbenonline.com

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