True Story ❤️

For over 1 year of dating and my boyfriend was always annoying me. My vjay will be so wet then he will just insert and release. Out of frustration, I decided to leave him. I remember on our first sexual encounter, I almost walked out. Kwame Asamoah brought out his penis and to my surprise, it was very small and he was already dripping.

One cool evening, one of my naughty sisters who knew my predicament called me to check if there has been any improvement. That was when she advised me to order this herbal cream called BE THE MAN EXTRA EXTRA for my boyfriend Asamoah. I doubted its potency because most of these stuffs online don’t work and besides I was tired.

I finally got the cream which I still didn’t believe and gave it to Asamoah who also doubted it. I decided to stay away from him for sometime. Two weeks later, he called me to tell me his penis size is increasing. I didn’t believe it till the next two weeks which means 4 weeks of usage when I visited Kwame Asamoah. After few talks we got engaged in kissing and I could feel the bulge in his trousers. Out of suspicion, I placed my hand on his boner and OMG (I can still remember this day) I was surprised.

I quickly unziped him and before he knew it, I was sucking him so bad and he was moaning equally and getting harder by the minute. After about 20 minutes of sucking him, my sweet Kwame lifted me and bent me over the sofa and went straight into my vagina. Oh My God! I moaned with opened eyes. I could feel his dick in my heart.

Kwame banged me for 10 minutes and we were still going. 20 minutes and Kwame was still banging. As at that time, I had reached orgasm like twice. After 30 minutes I was begging Kwame to stop but he pounded me harder in all positions. He finally ‘cummed’ after over 45 minutes and I was so worn out and at the same time so happy cos it had been over a year since I had something close to that.

Thanks to the cream. BE THE MAN EXTRA. Now we are happily married and our sex life is one of the best if not the best. Now Kwame and his friends are all in happy relationships. Their sex lives have changed so much.

This is the amazing cream and it comes with such an affordable price.Be the man Extra Extra


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