How To Stop A Toothache

Until you can see a dentist, here are several suggestions:

• Swish warm salt water in your mouth, and spit it out. Do this after every meal and before retiring at night. Stir 1 tsp. of salt into a glassful of water, at body temperature.

• Somewhat warm salt water, held in the mouth will bring relief.

• Apply 1-2 drops of oil of cloves to the affected tooth with a cotton swab. If the oil seems too strong, dilute it with olive oil.

Clove oil

• Rinse your mouth vigorously with a mouthful of lukewarm water. If the pain is from food caught between the teeth, this may flush it out.

• Try flossing gently between the teeth.

Charcoal tablet

• Put a charcoal tablet in your mouth and, with your tongue or cheek, press it against the swollen gum at the base of the problem tooth.

• Drink 1-2 cups of mullein tea or chew catnip herb.
• Mash up the root of plantain and put it on the cheek near the tooth.

• With your fingers rub an ice cube until one side is shaped into a V-shape. Then press it gently against the tender place, and push it back and forth over the area for 5-7 minutes. The effect of rubbing tends to cancel out the pain signal, which must travel along the same nerve route.

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• Keep heat away from the tooth and nearby cheek. If it is an infection, the heat will draw the infection to the outside of the jaw and make the situation worse.

• Put ice on the nearby cheek where the toothache infection is for 15 minutes, 3-4 times a day.
• Avoid biting on that toothache area of the teeth.

• Some individuals have found that, when a toothache begins, they quickly skip a meal, rest, take vitamin C, and conduct themselves very carefully over the next several days—and the toothache infection in the tooth is overcome by the body.

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