How To Stop Grinding Your Tooth Whiles Asleep (BRUXISM)

SYMPTOMS—Unconscious grinding of the teeth together, often while asleep.
CAUSES—Bruxism can wear down the teeth, loosen them, and even contribute to receding gums; so it is a condition you want to stop.
The experts tell us it is caused by stress, anxiety, anger, sensitivity of the teeth to heat and cold, and fluctuations in blood sugar levels.
• You may find that the solution is simply to stop chewing during the day when you do not need to. Do not chew gum. Do not chew bits of food after the meal is ended. When you are not eating to swallow food, do not chew. This simple rule has totally eliminated the bruxism problem for many people. It can do it for you also.
If you will carefully think about it, you will find that chewing, as a leisure time activity, is not relaxing; it actually makes one nervous. Once you fix the habit of unnecessarily chewing during the day, it can easily be repeated at night.
• Throughout the day, keep your mouth relaxed. Do not clamp your teeth together; do not grind. If you control yourself during the day, you will soon automatically be doing it at night also.
• Hypoglycemia can be a factor. When a person has low blood sugar, he is more likely to clench and grind his teeth.
• Some people find it necessary to wear a splint while sleeping.
• Do not drink alcoholic beverages. They contribute to tooth grinding.

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