How To Treat Achlorhydria (Insufficient stomach acid) At Home


Burping, belching, and bloating.


The stomach begins losing its ability to produce hydrochloric acid (HCl) at the age of 35. Of people over the age of 50, 75% do not produce HCl. Yet, without it, they cannot properly digest protein foods.
When the stomach does not have enough HCl, intestinal bacteria and yeast (candida albicans) are able to enter it and ferment high carbohydrate foods (juice, fruit, breads, etc.).
Continued low HCl production results in B12, calcium, and protein deficiencies. New food allergies can begin, because large fragments of food pass through the gastro-intestinal tract undigested.

• Take lemon juice, diluted with water (or totally undiluted) at the beginning of each meal.
• Take English bitters (gentiana lutea) before each meal. These are bitter herbs which have helped people’s digestion for hundreds of years, in Europe, Africa and America.
• Take betaine HCl supplementation (75-250 mg) 15 minutes before each meal.
• Do not take antacids; they neutralize stomach acids and make the problem worse. In addition, many of them contain aluminum and other harmful ingredients. One of these is calcium carbonate, which will cause the stomach to produce even more HCl than before. Magnesium compounds lead to diarrhea, and sodium bicarbonate can result in gas and bloating.

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