Intrepid Black Sherif has barked back at Shatta Wale after the dancehall musician was coerced to halt his sprouting career if he does not trudge cautiously.

If you recall, Shatta Wale angrily taped a live video cautioning Black Sherif and his fans to stay in their lane and not correlate themselves to him.

The SM president said it was not only impertinent for them to compare the young musician to him but also an insult to his over 20 years of the brand.

Shatta Wale then threatened Black Sherif to stay in his lane and tread cautiously else he will end his career.

During a Facebook live broadcast, he said ” this Black Sherif boy come recently and you people want to do comparison“. Badman you no go leave somebody make he chop his money some?”

In a quick reply, Black Sherif has been caught on tape saying he is not afraid of Shatta Wale but only has respect for him.

The fast-rising musician boldly replied to a radio host with an agenda of seeking trouble for him. He told the host there is no reason for him to be scared of Shatta Wale.

Sherif stated in the interview that he only fears God but he has respect for Shatta Wale because he is monumental in the music industry.

When the radio host dragged further, his team stepped in and asked why he thinks Black Sherif should be frightened of the dancehall musician?

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