Movie Review: Adam The Eve


A movie directed by Ikechwuku Onyeka and produced by Ingrid Alabi


Majid Michel, Ingrid Alabi Mbong Mata, Roselyn Ngissah, Bolanie Nina lawo


Family life,




A man (Majid Michel) is tired of his bossy and career driven wife. In a quest for change, he gets what he wished for but something else is attached.


A nice story with a funny beginning (comedy). Fred (played by Majid Michel) takes his wife to a counsel service and oh my God, the counselors (Roselyn Ngissah and Peter Richie) are so annoying. You should see how Peter was just laughing “foolishly” as soon as his wife also laughs.

Majid’s wife just changes from high class lady to something else – a typical village girl. Now my question is how come a village girl could speak English so fluently? At the point where Majid was talking about washing machine and his wife was asking if corn mill or sowing machine, he knew all was lost. Again, is the change spiritual? Is it linked to Majid’s wish? The man at the bar, is he God, an angel or the tongue?

How does the title resonate with the story? For acting, everyone in the movie did excellent. How Majid is able to act as a mummy’s boy and Ingrid’s village girl role and bossy sh*t is on top.

Overall I will rate this movie 8O% and recommend it to anyone who loves comedy.

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