Movie Review: Forgetting June (Staring Majid, Mbong Amata)


A movie written by Uduak Isong Ogamanam and directed by Ikechwukwu Onyeka

Genre: Romance and Drama


Beverly Naya, Blossom Chukwuje, Majid Michel, Paula Usifo, Abiola Segun Williams


Love, patience, natural misfortune


A married man who loves his wife so much suddenly lose her to accident. His whole world is now crushing but he is saved by his wife’s best friend. Just when life seemed to be getting better, the unexpected happens….


The story is so beautiful. I love the part where the pregnant wife collapsed. My question is that the part where Eddie (Majid) was about to f**k June (Mbong Amata) and she kept changing to Tobi (Beverly Naya), was that just a mere imagination at Majid’s side or what?

When June hugged pregnant Tobi, seriously I was thinking evil and when Tobi screamed….oh my Geeee….nice one there. Nice twist

How would you feel if you returned from comma to find your wife or husband married to another and pregnant?

Majid’s wife returning to the doctor, is it right? What’s your take on this?

Overall I’ll rate the movie 90%. Acting, story, visuals, everything was on point.

This is a must watch movie.

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