Movie Review: House Of Gold



Yvonne Nelson, Francis Odega, Mercy Chinwo, Sandra Ankobia, Majid Michel, Luckie Lawson, Bismark the Joke

Written and directed by Pascal Amanfo and Produced by Yvonne Nelson 


Jealousy, Supremacy, Love, Homecoming, Togetherness,



A sick old man on his sick bed makes a wish to see all his children (with different women) gathered under one roof (i.e his house) for 7 days. This togetherness brings a whole lot of twists, revelations, struggle for supremacy and power.


The story is nice but a little boring from the beginning. You might lose interest along the way but fast forward it takes an interesting turn and keeps you wanting to know what will happen next.

Majid Michel, Umar Krupp and Yvonne Nelson must be applauded for their perfect interpretation of roles. These three made it good although Umar Krupp was slightly overboard. What did Bismark the Joke add to the movie? He tried but this time around, he added zero effect to the comedy part and the movie as a whole. To me, Luckie Lawson’s acting is just not up to standard and I’m sorry I can’t help. Pascal Amanfo appearing after the end of the movie as a disabled man coming to the funeral? Dressed in funeral apparel and yet asking Majid if he Pascal was coming for the funeral. OMG! What was that for? 

Furthermore, there should have been a scene where the father was dying or slowly giving up before the call but hmmmnn.  Big ups to Francis Odega. He added the comedy and made it annoying as well.

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