Peace: Wendy Shay Adds Samini Back To The Top S-Ranking And Their Hoods

Wendy Shay who once omitted veteran musician Samini from the list of top of musicians has finally added him making them 5 top musicians in the country.

Few weeks ago the “Astalavista” hitmaker made a list on Twitter which was about the top musicians in the country who coincidentally had “S” starting their names. She took out Samini and replaced it with her own name – Shay. This didn’t go down well with Samini and other lovers of music.

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In a bid to show that she really recognizes Samini, she made another list last night adding the hoods (area) these great musicians represent. So it’s no longer ‘Samini out’ and again, it’s no longer 4S but 5S.

Check out her tweet here

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