Many voices and unheard songs
Hovering on these empty streets
Filled with many lucid dreams and hopes
Unwritten stories and songs
Flood these streets with no voice to utter
But I chanced on one today
Without a voice, he spoke
And it kept playing somewhere in a corner of my mind
With the lyrics written all over him
He said
“It was never my intention to be here
I once had a voice but no story
Or even a lyric to sing
I was drenched in this happiness
Until the roof caved in on me
And everything came rushing down
And now I have many songs of many colours to sing
No matter how hard I scream
The world wouldn’t listen
The world is deaf and I am dumb
I may have to learn to walk on water without drowning
Just to lead me out of these streets
I have no home, I am not homeless
Just that this hopelessness
Has rendered me homeless
The streets have sheltered me ever since my back got broken against the wall
By the same hearts that built it
So I fell from the skies only to find there was never a heaven on earth
Because home was just an egg, it breaks too easily”

Title; HERE
A Poem Written By
S Kojo Frimpong

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