Popular Pastor Sentenced To Death For This Reason.


A popular Nigerian pastor has been sentenced to death after being charged for raping a 5 year old girl.

The popular pastor named Tunde Dimeji was arrested in 2019 after raping the 5 year old girl who happened to be a daughter of one of his members. This was after the little girl’s parents reported the matter to the police.

The pastor happened to be the senior pastor of “Pillars of Faith Ministry” which is located in Ogun state.

Per the narration given by the pastor’s own secretary, the girl came to the man’s office at about 8. 30 in the morning for prayers and she ushers the girl into the pastor’s office as usual without suspecting anything. She said she heard when the little girl was crying and shouting for help while inside the office, which made her alert people around for rescue.

The pastor was arrested and detained in prison custody because the girl’s parents didn’t want to leave the case. The pastor’s case was charged to court after the pastor accepted his charges and said he is ready to face the law. The pastor blamed his act on Satan saying it was the devil that made him do what he did. So many of his members who have faced the same abuse at the hands of the pastor came out to say that the pastor is always fun of trying to rape his members.

The High Court sitting in Ondo state after reviewing the charges leveled against the young pastor sentenced him to death by hanging saying It’s something that shouldn’t’ t be encouraged in the country.

The pastor is a disappointment to Christianity.

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