Signs That The Lady Wants S£x But Shy To Say

Our ladies have been brainwashed and taught that as a lady you shouldn’t express your sexual feelings or even initiate s£x. This has made it almost impossible for ladies to ask for s£x.

I am going to show you some signs that some daring ladies will make for you to know that they want you in their garden.

Inviting You to Spend Alone Time With Her

If she keeps on telling you she wants to visit you, trust me she wants something else. If she doesnt seem comfortable when you are with your friends or when you both meet your friends, when she wants to watch you eat, talk, play or do anything, know that she wants you.

Having Flirtatious Conversations

If she continually talks about your girlfriends or she not wanting to have trouble with your girlfriend, she wants s£x. Check how she texts you. Does her text contain explicit words? If she tells you she really loves romance but not s£x, YES! She indeed wants your cutlass in her garden. That’s the code bro. If she asks about your favourite s£x positions, your s£xual encounters, you must know that that lady wants to lay you.

Touching Your Body Intentionally

While having a chat or walking with her, if she accidentally or intentionally touches you continually, bro, she want make you enter….lol. She might hold you with the reason that she is scared. If she puts her head on you while watching tv, she wants you to hit it. If she plays with your fingers, she wants it.

Responding Positively to Your Advances

If you try pulling her close and she doesnt resist, if you try kissing her or looking at her lips and she doesnt look away, thats a green light. Go ahead. How is her response if you raise issues surrounding love? She wants you bro. Go for red gold…lol

Telling You She Wants to Have S£x

Not all ladies can go raw. Some might give you words which suggest that they want sex. If she tells you she miss being kissed, she miss her fun times with her ex. If she is bold enough to tell you that she wants s£x, hey my friend, she means she wants you to bang her. Dont be dull. Ladies am I lying?

Staring At You With Smiles

If she keeps on staring at you especially your eyes and lips just know that she wants you.

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