Ghana is burning again
Her children, mourning in pain
And in no other place than the capital
The heart of the nation is on fire
Not to brighten our dark world
But burning on its own course
To flame lives and properties
Into it’s pregnant belly once more
Haven’t we fed fire with our blood
And sweat for too long?

Accra has made it to the news again
But what good does being in the front pages
Daily in the graphics do to us
When bad becomes the only word that convoys the news?
For how long ? will we allow
The world to mourn our loss
And mock us for our brains we sold
To buy greed and sell at cheaper prices

For how long? do we have to flood
The eyes of Ama Ghana all in the effort
Of quenching an avalanche of fire
Started by our own cold hearts
Do we have to celebrate fire annually?
Our leaders should confirm finally
So we can start smoking near our cold hearts
To melt and form Hades on Earth
Maybe screams in the mid night air
Brings soothing satisfaction to your ears
Let the earth tremble from your toes
Or else we will all perish from this foe
That has tormented us for years

S Kojo Frimpong

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