When I was little,

I learnt we were temples of God
With doors and windows
Where people can lock them behind
And try find the meaning of life.

Growing up, I realised we were not only temples
But also caves hidden within us
Some are filled with treasures
While others are graveyards
Filled with skeletons and hatchets
Every temple has a secret catacomb
Where the worse secret sleep.

I also realised not every temple is complete
Some need the support
Of other temples to complete them
This is one of the mysterious wonders
The Creator used in the art of Creation
He took a pillar from the first temple He built
To complete the second.
And so for a temple to be fully complete
A levite must find his missing pillar
To fufil the purpose of Creation.

Finding our missing pieces of puzzle
Is the greatest mystery of life
Because you can never fix a square peg in a round hole
Making our temples compete depends on us

She came like an angel
So I left all my doors and windows ajar
Awaiting for her to fix me
And fill my emptiness
But she left me disorganized
In her rage to fulfil her lustful desires

I tried to make her fit in
I made her understand she completes me
She was a fine pillar from the forest of Lebanon
To hold an uncompleted Temple
Like it was built on a solid rock
But she told me she was claustrophobic
She felt uneasy in uncompleted temples,yet she was destined to make a temple complete
She lost her road to destiny

She left with the aim of going back to
The complete temples where she was never needed.
She promised to come back to destroy and rebuild
My temple in three days
Like Jesus Christ.

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