Tips On How To Remove Stains From Your Teeth (Tartar Or Dental Calculus)


The teeth are darker and more yellow than they should be.

The actual color of teeth is not white, but light yellow. But, as one ages, his teeth tend to become somewhat darker and more yellow.
Coffee and cigarettes are a primary cause of tooth staining. Stop using them both and you will look much prettier. You will feel better too.
• Brush with fresh strawberries. Place a strawberry on the toothbrush and brush as usual.
• Brush with charcoal powder.
• Clean your teeth after every meal.
• Polish them with baking soda. Many of the stains are acid in nature, and the soda neutralizes and removes them.
• Rinse the food from your mouth after each meal.
• An electric toothbrush removes more plaque than regular brushing.
• Keep in mind that hard brushing can scratch your tooth enamel. The super-whitening tooth abrasives take off even more. Be careful. You want white teeth, but you also want teeth.
• Since we are on the subject of ruining your teeth, an excellent way to melt your teeth is to drink cola drinks. They contain phosphoric acid, which has a double whammy effect on your poor teeth! The acid melts your alkaline teeth; and the phosphorous immediately locks into the calcium melted off, and carries it away. Place a tooth in Coca Cola, and it will be gone in a short time.

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