The death toll since the pandemic began in spring 2020 was 5,036 as of Wednesday.

“With a heavy heart, we share this solemn news of more lives lost to this pandemic and extend our sympathies to the families impacted,” department Secretary Bill J. Crouch said. “If you are eligible, please schedule your COVID vaccine or booster today.”

Wood, Wetzel, Pleasants, Wirt, Jackson and Roane are red on the County Alert System map. Red is the highest level based on spread of infection and per cent positivity

Ritchie and Calhoun are orange, second highest. Doddridge and Gilmer are yellow, second-lowest. Tyler is gold, mid-level.

Unvaccinated residents continue to dominate the hospital and death statistics. Of the 3,926 deaths that occurred since the vaccinations began last year, 11.09 per cent were breakthrough cases, residents who were vaccinated, but became infected.
Of the 595 people who are in a hospital in West Virginia, 460 are unvaccinated and of the 206 people in an intensive care unit, 172 are unvaccinated. The state reported 93 of the 111 patients on a ventilator were unvaccinated.

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