What Most Men Don’t Know About The 21st Century Woman

Back in the olden days when women were considered the recipients because only the man engaged in economic activities, the 21st Century woman is totally different.

She is now a partaker and has displaced the man of his breadwinning role. Women are sharper and quicker learners compared to men.

 Research has revealed that, women are 10 years psycho-emotional than men. Women’s responsibilities do not necessarily make them equal to men, but on any given day, will want their responsibilities validated.

Again, in the 19th century, poets and authors at the time described a perfect woman, according to William Wordsworth, “A perfect woman, nobly planned, to warn, to comfort, and command; And yet a Spirit still, and bright with something of angelic light.”

Thomas Hardy also wrote; “the perfect woman, you see is a working woman; not an idler, not a fine lady; but one who uses her hands and her head and her heart for the good of others.”

However, there are three pivotal feminine archetypal women that every man needs to pay attention to.

The Mother: she is a natural caretaker who is responsible and protective.

The Queeen: who is a true leader, confident and loyal; and there is the Lover, who is a symbol of creation.

Now let me give you a profile of the contemporary woman and the added value which did not exist some years back;
They are among the working class, in school and to some level of accuracy, they are married whiles others are independent. They take so much interest in the world outside. By doing this, they tend to go steps further to educate themselves on topics which are of interest to them, paying much attention to areas of socioeconomic, political and global issues.

They have economic power and have a voice, being heard and taken seriously, both in the home and their place of work. They do this by stepping outside the echo chamber where everyone already agrees with them politically, spiritually, and emotionally.

The idea of being reduced to only recipient has now moved to being active participants in decision-making, and nothing less than that.

They are so much aware of their mother’s story. A story they will ride on any day to win arguments in order to prove their point(s).

21st Century women additionally have taste for good things without doubt.
They can multitask, but long for a helping hand. Empowered, sophisticated yet, fragile. Experience personal pain as well as their ability to witness pain in others.

She has a sense of humor. A witty woman is a good company to keep. If she has a sense of humor, she is down to earth and conversations are comforting and real.

A bonus attribute about the 21st century woman is her stylish nature. A stylish woman knows the current trends, but adapts them to her personal style. It is more than how she may style her hair or wear a classy dress, being stylish is more of a perk of being the ideal woman.

In brief, the 21st century woman possesses the following attributes: strong nature, independence, loyalty, confidence, passionate, intelligence, kindness, beauty and a wild heart.

So young man about getting married, or to the men who are already married, there’s the need for you to step up your game. Else, you will lose it big time. It should be noted that, the contemporary woman cannot be treated with the same pre 21st century era style.

Nonetheless, it is not good to say that, everything traditional is bad, and not contemporary is good. Meaning that, a hybrid of these two styles, will applaud your relationship with a clap-standing ovation.

Story: Edem Nyonator

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