Why Some Relationships Do Not Work

Have you ever wondered why some relationships do not last for long after the take-off stage which usually seem like happy ever after?

Well, this could be subjected to several reasons. Some, due to the fact that partners are not compatible or don’t know what they want. This is not because people don’t find the right people, but because the relationship lack certain romantic, emotional, physical and psychological ingredients.

It is important to know that a lot of work goes into building a good relationship
Now, note that all relationships are not perfect all the times. But in a healthy relationship, both parties feel good about the relationship most of the time. Hence, a great relationship takes more than attraction. Rather, a lot of work of which both of you (your partner and yourself) have to be willing to put in effort.

In this piece, I will be sharing with you some tips to help build a healthy relationship as well as strengthen it.
What are some tips for having a great relationship?

Love yourself – Being comfortable with who you are means you’ll be a happier partner. If there’s no love, automatically, the relationship will not work.

Communicate – Talk to your partner about your feelings. Ask questions and listen to their answers. If you’re upset, say so rather than making your partner figure out what’s up. Talking through problems builds trust and makes your relationship stronger. And it’s not all about how to deal with your problems — don’t forget to let them know when something they do makes you happy.

Be honest – Be truthful with each other about what you do, think, and feel. Honesty creates trust. Few things harm a relationship more than lies.

Give each other some space – Couple’s time is great, but spending ALL your time together isn’t. It’s healthy to have your own friends and interests outside of the relationship.

Agree to disagree. You’re not always going to see eye to eye, and that’s OK. The important thing is to respect each other’s opinions and ideas. When you’re able to go through this stage successfully, you grow to understand each other better.

Forgive and ask for forgiveness – Everybody makes mistakes. So always be ready to apologize for yours and willing to accept that of your partner’s.

Support each other – When your partner does something great, tell them! Your partner should do the same for you. And in difficult times, learn to support each other.

Talk about sex (openly and honestly) – Telling your partner what feels good and what you like and don’t like helps you have better sex. Never pressure your partner into doing something they don’t want to do, or let your partner pressure you — consent is a must.

Take care of your sexual health – Talk to your partner about how you’re going to protect each other against STDs and unintended pregnancy. Better still, practice safer sex and get periodic tests on STDs.

Withstanding all that has been said above, note that there will times your efforts will still not yield results. So, I will urge you to always seek the counsel of a counsellor. Your relationship issues could be above the stated tips. Maybe you require you to know who really you are first.

Story: Edem Nyonator

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